"Aging Out. Invisible. Ignored. This is how we have felt for too long. ”

Several years ago, following a Near Death Experience and almost losing my life to Lyme Disease, the Universe began to point me in a new direction. This path led me to find passion and purpose along with a new mission. My message and mission is to shine a beautiful light on what it means to be a woman at Midlife & Beyond. It’s to bust stigmas and myths around aging – to change the narrative on getting older to one that is vibrant, relevant and empowered. 


Recently, I had the honor of being interviewed by an inspiring Fierce sister, Mel Greenberg. Mel is an author, the Founder of Mel Media and one of the main creatives behind a new platform and community, Vitalcy. The ultimate goal of Vitalcy is focused on “Changing the Narrative” on Aging. Clearly, a mission that’s dear to my heart. 


While many of us were slowing down during the pandemic, the Vitalcy team was busy creating. In 2020, Vitalcy was born out of a simple idea: to change the story around aging, and to live fulfilled through the Peak Stage of your life.


Today’s Moxie is dedicated to Mel and the Vitalcy mission. I invite you to read Mel’s inspiring words (just click the image below or here!) and a very raw and real perspective on getting older in the interview. From someone who almost lost her life not long ago, I truly understand the gift of life and how precious it is to be able to age. More moments on this beautiful planet is a wonderful gift – one many of us never have the opportunity to experience. 


It is my greatest desire to help to shift the narrative around aging and to help you see that every single moment of life is a gift and it only gets better and better as we get older. 


Thank you Mel & Vitalcy. Click below for the interview and please check them out and consider joining their Peak Stage Community

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