How to Be

"To be or not to be. That is the question.”

There is only one answer. 

To Be. 

The answer to just about every question you could ever ask.

I’ve spent the last four months in a meditation teacher training program with Davidji and 70 plus radiant souls on a mission to do a deep dive into consciousness.


I’ve left forever changed. 


Decades ago, I was working with a beautiful energy worker. Her name was Cynthia. She was a gifted Theta healer. We shared many conversations around Being-ness.

The importance of BEING-ness.

At the time, I was more than a little confused by the meaning.

Not anymore.

I get it. 

And, I’m on fire to share it.

To spark more Beings to BE.

The spiritual path is the most beautiful path I’ve ever walked. It’s also the most challenging path in the world. 

In the cosmos. 

Integration is a process. 

When you begin to walk the path and do the work – basically taking a roto rooter to your inner world and shining a light on all those terrifyingly dark places within, you begin to change.

To transform. 

To BE…

More and More of …


Things begin to click. You begin to understand more and more.

About yourself.

And the world around you.

Every time something “clicks” – you know those Oprah “Aha” moments – you begin to experience an integration – to integrate the teachings and the lessons of your life experience.

Insight transforms into wisdom.

You begin to make sense of things.

To make sense of YOU.

You begin to transform your Being-ness.

Raising your consciousness is raising your Being-ness.

Every time we become more and more of who we truly are, we are Being more.

More Being-ness results in less Ego. 

More Being-ness means a deeper connection to your Authentic Self.

The ultimate goal in the art of raising consciousness is to BE more and more and more.

The more Being-ness, the more authenticity. 

Not the BS authenticity we hear about on social media. Real authenticity. Authenticity from our Authentic Self. Authenticity you don’t need to shout out loud on social media. Authenticity that begins to radiate from your Being. 

It’s not something you do. It’s simply who you are.

Who you have BE-COME.

What I realized this past week as I spent close to 70 hours in my meditation retreat, I was transformed.

I realized I wasn’t doing anything. 

I was BEING me. The real me.

How I knew this in every cell of my Being was that the weekend before I was at my daughter’s wedding. My old self would have been triggered by my ex husband. The old traumas and wounds would have surfaced. The “pain body” would have been nudging me, desperately trying to get my attention. My ego might have taken over.

That didn’t happen. 

I wasn’t triggered. Not one single moment. I was at peace.

I felt settled. Deeply settled. Inside of myself.

I didn’t really notice it until I was through it all. On the other side. I received many kind comments. Some from unexpected sources including my ex husband. 

Life is funny.

If I’ve learned anything in this one wild and precious life, it’s that BEINGNESS is where it’s at.

BEINGNESS trumps all. 

The more we can BE who we truly are, the more we drop the masks, let go of the stories that hold us back and simply learn to love ourselves to bits – while not being afraid to visit all those dark and shadowy places within – the more we transform.

The more we can BE. 

Cheers Beauties! To Be or not to Be. 

Just BE.

It’s really that simple. It’s us humans that make it all kooky and complicated.

But it doesn’t have to be.

Here’s to BEINGNESS – Being More & More YOU – the real YOU because you’re beautiful. 

Steps to BEING More YOU:

  1. Spend time every single day in stillness and silence. Meditation is the number one vehicle to inner transformation, to raising consciousness and to connect with your authentic self.
  2. Pay close attention to what brings you joy and do more of more of those things that light you up and keep you fully immersed in the present moment.
  3. Challenge negative thoughts. Negative thoughts always come from the ego. Any thought that makes us feel small isn’t from our true self. When a negative thought arises, don’t resist it. Simply watch it and let it go.
  4. Begin to replace negative thoughts with a positive affirmation, one that reinforces who you truly are. Keep it simple. Tell yourself how amazing you are every time you have a negative thought. It can be as simple as “I am awesome!” or “I love myself.”
  5. Give yourself a “time in” when negative emotions begin to take hold. Anytime you experience a negative emotion that begins to spiral, take time to go within. Use 16 Seconds to Peace to begin breaking the pattern to create new healthy neural pathways. Close your eyes. Breathe in to the count of 4. Hold your breath to the count of 4. Breathe out to the count of 4. Hold for the count of 4 and breathe naturally. Use this “time in” technique any time you feel yourself slipping into a negative emotion spiral.

And, of course, I can’t recommend checking out Davidji and his amazing teachings highly enough. If you’re new to this path, an easy way to begin is to follow Davidji on Insight Timer. His 40 Days to Transformation Course is FREE. It will give you a taste of many different types of mediation and leave you transformed. 

Here are some wonderful resources to enhance your BEINGNESS:


Thank you to Davidji and to Nancy for creating one of the most transformational programs in the world. You’re in luck as there’s another teacher training this summer. Be sure to check it out!


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I remember my favorite class as an undergrad. BUDDHA. THE STUDY OF NOTHINGNESS. Ahhhhh.

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