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My grandfather used to say that once in your life you need a doctor, a lawyer, a policeman and a preacher but every day, three times a day, you need a farmer. – Brenda Schoepp

Disrupting aging begins from the inside out. What better way than with locally grown, organic produce, sprouted nuts, seeds, nut-butters, tart kefir and delicious raw butter and raw milk? Many women at Midlife recall the days of the weekly milkman (yes, I know I’m dating myself…and that’s the point!), ringing the doorbell, leaving a basket of frosty cold milk bottles by the back door. Mixed with Ovaltine or Hershey’s syrup, it was a regular staple in our childhood household. It was eye-opening when I started my quest to learn how food is medicine. I learned about the connection between what we put in our bodies to the many illnesses and hormonal imbalances that can manifest. That icy cold delicious chocolate milk was causing havoc with my body’s digestive system! What I needed were live enzymes that are eliminated during the pasteurization process.

You may wonder what this has to do with disrupting aging. Well, just about everything! Women at midlife and beyond have a great deal of control over the aging process. You don’t have to hit the skids during perimenopause and menopause with hormones causing our bodies to go haywire. We have immense power over our health now with a plethora of information that wasn’t available back in the day. Growing up, cholesterol was a four-letter word. Today, it’s a necessary part of creating healthy and balanced hormones. I don’t know many women who have reached the precipice of midlife without feeling the effects of their hormones going awry. At 56, menopause hit me hard and fast this year, and I’ve learned that simple and natural foods at our local Farmer’s Markets can be as powerful as hormone replacement therapy. Now, please know, I’m not a doctor and I always recommend checking with your personal physician or naturopath before tampering with your hormones. Yet, I’ve begun to open my eyes and my mind to the possibilities of naturally disrupting aging with the help of a brilliant Functional Nutritionist, Leona West.

I won’t go into the details of Functional Nutrition, as I’ve covered this in previous posts  and Leona was recently on my video podcast. Having trained under some of the top doctors like Datis Kharazzian, known for his spectacular work understanding thyroid imbalances, Leona has helped me to understand the impact of food, lifestyle changes and herbal remedies on my overall wellbeing. I’ve seen miracles happen through harnessing the power found in natural foods. As Leona states, Food and healthy key lifestyle habits are probably never more important in a woman’s life than at the start of perimenopause and through menopause! Nurturing diet and treating through foods, plants and other natural medicine can dramatically impact everything from flushing, energy, weight gain and physiological changes in thyroid, bone, and cholesterol health to name a few that can occur during this transition. There are more options than hormone replacement!”

My weekend outings at the local Farmer’s Market have become a fun way to explore the healing power found in natural foods. When I discovered that cholesterol was necessary for our bodies to produce hormones and keep them in balance, it was eye-opening. There are various types of cholesterol: unhealthy and healthy. When it comes to balancing your hormones, there are loads of delicious and nutritious options that do more than simply balance your hormones. Foods like raw milk and raw kefir, are loaded with healthy cholesterol and also aid in healing your digestive tract which can easily go out of whack between daily stressors and toxins we ingest. Who knew about the healing power of raw butter and raw yogurt, both of which are extremely healing to hormonal imbalances and calming to the digestive system?! If you’re interested in learning more about the impact of cholesterol on our hormones, here’s an article I’ve found that’s super helpful and goes into greater detail.

Foods like raw nut-butters or sprouted seeds are simple snacks that are close to nature and filled with all the healthy fats our bodies need to make our cells function optimally. Our cells need healthy fats! The gorgeous glow of your skin is an added benefit, especially once you’ve reached Midlife and beyond. Farmer’s Markets are filled to the brim with the most vibrant fruits and vegetables, loaded with powerful, natural enzymes and antioxidants. When it comes to disrupting aging, live enzymes couldn’t be more important as they ensure those nutrients actually make their way into your cells. Our bodies are only as healthy as our cells, and it’s vital to add colorful, fresh, organic fruits and veggies to your diet. Oxidation is one way our cells age by literally starving our cells of oxygen. If you’ve ever seen the effects of smoking on someone’s skin, you are seeing the impact of oxygen being robbed from the cells. Loading your body with fresh fruits and vegetables results in an outer glow and a healing from the inside out.

Weekends are intended as a time to step away from the pace of your hectic week and to rest and rejuvenate. The internet is loaded with an abundance of information on the healing power of natural foods. Why not use your weekend to disrupt that aging process from the inside out? Take a spin around your local Farmer’s Market and give some of these delicious, nutritious goodies a try. You might be surprised at how you begin to feel, as your mood and your energy lift …  and that face looking back at you in the mirror begins to turn back time in the most natural way! If you live in a chillier climate and Farmer’s Markets are more limited, I’ve linked some of my favorite supplements at the post end that are as close to nature as possible, and that you can buy online. Live, raw ingredients are always preferable and these supplements will do the trick to load you with antioxidants and fresh enzymes. Either way, remember that food truly is medicine. Cheers Beauties…to Your Health…To the Ultimate in Age Disruption!



Hi Catherine
I enjoyed reading this post and am at a point where I think I am in menopause ( long story.. I take bc pills to stop my period as I was having pelvic dislocations due to lax ligaments exasteerbated by hormones during a period) Anyhow, I eat very healthy and find I crave healthier foods as well. I will read the article you have shared here, as i plan on seeing my doc to talk about the possibility of menopause and what I can do ( besides pills.. if I can) i always find being proactive in my health and keeping informed to be so important.
Thank you for your post!
jess xx


Thank you, Jess. Today’s post was very comprehensive as I thought I was fairly educated but when it comes to hormones and menopause, there is so much to learn! Best wishes in your healing.


hlo catherine,
My name is randhir singh i have noticed that the content of ur post is very high quality …u giving many more examples of health which also inspiring me lot …….i hope u will give such examples of health …
take care
Randhir singh


Hi, Catherine,
Thanks so much for the great example you are for living a healthy life! This post is inspiring me to try to be more careful about my food choices every day. I am good in general, but not so much on a daily basis. I stick to my allotted calories nowadays and shop in a responsible way, but fresh fruits and vegetables tend to rot in the recesses of the refrigerator before they get eaten.
Take care,

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