FierceCon 2019, Redondo Beach, California

“The most beautiful thing you can wear is confidence.” – Blake Lively

A Special Thank You to Our Fierce Projecting Confidence Students!:

Rosie Bermudez, Joyc Spears, Barbie Holmes, Nancy Hoogenboom, CIndy Scurry, Becky Kueker, Kellye Ryan, Paula Griffin

FierceCon 2019 may be a wrap but the ripple effect has only just begun with lives continuing to be changed and beliefs and mindsets rocked and shifted around the world. FierceCon is different. It’s unique. Think of it as the “Un-Conference,” the conference where you learn to “un-learn” and unwind a lifetime of misconceptions and dis-empowering, limiting beliefs so you can step into your full potential and live your best life from the most authentic space deep within.

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This FierceCon was bigger, better, and bolder than any event we have ever hosted. It was our first time featuring a series of workshops and exclusive “Masterclasses” requested by last year’s attendees. We are fortunate to have a wealth of wisdom and experience in our community that allows us to tap into the talent of women at Midlife & Beyond in our very own “backyard.” The Forever Fierce Revolution has ignited a new way of being for women. There’s no place for competition but a whole lotta room for collaboration!

This year marked the debut of one of the most powerful experiences at FierceCon, “Projecting Confidence – The Masterclass” sponsored by StriVectin and instructed by our resident Queen of Confidence, Jacqueline Depaul, the Founder of the outstanding Yellow Brick Runway blog. Jacqueline is unique in so many ways, blowing through just about every glass ceiling placed above her. She’s a physicist by training, an engineer by day, and a Supermodel by night, having reinvented herself at 40 by winning a Wilhelmina Modeling Contest with absolutely no prior experience. She’s gone on to grace the runway at Paris Fashion Week 3 times, including her recent appearance at the age of 50! 

Yes, I know she doesn’t look 50. She doesn’t act 50 either – except for the fact that she does! Because this is what 50 looks and acts like today! Throw away what we’ve all learned about aging because it no longer applies. Jacqueline is the definition of the Modern Midlife Woman, one who’s carving her own path her own way while leading a wake of women behind her inspired to do the same. 

Jacqueline’s debut was a wildly, extraordinary success. The thing about this human is that she’s not only drop dead gorgeous, she is smart as a whip and she’s also a hoot. She had the women doubled over in uproarious laughter in no time. They weren’t simply learning to “Project Confidence” through the lens of the camera and the lens of life, they were learning to do it while having a hell of a lot of fun. They learned all kinds of new tricks, including the importance of #ClaviclesUp and #HoldingthePeanut! They also learned how to “fire up those lady parts” to send a sense of sensuality through the lens. There’s nothing quite like it on the planet and the live experience is a bit difficult to squish and squeeze into words but here goes my best try:

The idea behind “Projecting Confidence” was to provide an experiential class to teach women how to shift into a space of confidence from within. Jacqueline taught her students the exact skills she had to learn to project confidence during her own process of reinvention as a top model in her 40’s with no prior experience. This wasn’t about modeling. This was about life!

Each of the women were “tethered” or hooked up to a camera so that the women in the room could observe while also joining the experience by applying the techniques they  were viewing. “Projecting Confidence” was about learning to shift energy from within and project it through the lens of the camera and, more importantly, through the lens of life. 

What Jacqueline learned in over 10 years of modeling is that the camera doesn’t simply capture how you look. It captures how you feel. It captures the energy you are sending through the camera from within. This applies to life as well. People don’t “see” us, they “feel” us. How we feel about ourselves, how we carry ourselves and the things we tell ourselves are what people “see.” 

Through the experience of working with Jacqueline, the women learned how to shift their energy instantly at any moment in their life when they want to “project confidence” or any other empowering quality or feeling. It was incredible to watch the entire audience shift their energy and enter a newly, confidence space made evident by their empowering body language.

The moment we shared the inspiration for our exclusive Masterclass with Jacqueline, the team at StriVectin was “all in” as our FierceCon Sponsor. We couldn’t have chosen a more perfect fit as a sponsor to support Jacqueline and the women at FierceCon in learning how to “Project Confidence.”

StriVectin wasn’t simply a sponsor, they were an active participant in the experience. They didn’t just send one team member. They sent three! Emma Adenaike heads up Influencer Marketing for the company. It was wonderful to finally meet Emma in person as we’ve been getting to know one another virtually for the past year. Brandon Barnard and Christine Shkreli joined in to represent the educational segment of StriVectin. One of the things I love most about StriVectin is their passion for research and education. They are one of the most innovative brands when it comes to cutting edge technology. You’ll have comfort in knowing that every single product is backed by immense amounts of scientific research.

When Brandon and Christina took to the stage at the end of Jacqueline’s Masterclass, they referred to StriVectin as the “Anti – Anti Aging Company,” in other words, they are all about embracing positive aging! The nicest thing about the experience was the organic nature of their presentation. It didn’t feel like a presentation but more of an intimate connection and conversation with the women at FierceCon. Brandon and Christina were absolutely endearing, not to mention, filled with passion for StriVectin and how it changes women’s lives by helping them look and feel their best. They are brilliant when it comes to research. Their latest product “NEW SD Advanced™ PLUS Intensive Moisturizing Concentrate” made a huge splash as every single woman took home a full size product to try it for herself. This product takes their iconic Stretch Mark cream turned anti-wrinkle phenomenon to an entirely new level. In their own words, “Powered by NIA-114™ and our upgraded Collagex-CE Complex™ with Copper Tripeptide and Marine Ferment, this next-generation moisturizer now targets 10 types of skin collagen and is clinically shown to boost elasticity and visibly reduce wrinkles and stretch marks for youthful-looking skin. This transformative product targets 10 types of collagen to reduce the look of wrinkles in 2 weeks* and visibly fades stretch marks in just 4 weeks.*”  It was fun to watch the women flock right over to the StriVectin team after their presentation. They were hooked and couldn’t wait to try their latest product!

I’ve been using the product for just over a month and I’ve noticed a huge improvement in skin elasticity, fine line reduction and overall hydration and luminosity. I can hardly wait to hear the women’s experiences! The best news of all is that StriVectin loves to share the love. To give every single woman a chance to experience their own confidence boost, they have provided the opportunity to win an entire year of StriVectin products to help you look and feel your best! And, if you share the giveaway on Facebook with your friends, you’ll receive an extra entry for sharing! Make sure to visit this link, enter, and share the love with all your friends! And, if you attended FierceCon and met the StriVectin team and took home the new SD Advanced Plus, be sure to share your results on social media and tag me and StriVectin. There’s nothing better than watching women look and feel their most beautiful and confident selves. 

If you missed FierceCon live, we will be sharing the experience captured on video soon enough. And, be sure to sign up for our newsletter as we have some news on some big plans for FierceCon in the future. Cheers Beauties – here’s to joining us in living a Modern Midlife – and creating your second, third, fourth or fifth acts your way, on your terms. Live Fierce!

*This event was sponsored by StriVectin and this blog post is totally from the heart!



What a wonderful event and so good of Strivectin to sponsor it (and for you to pull it all together)! I’ve used their neck cream for eight months or so and it has definitely made a difference. It looks like the event was wildly successful and it’s great to see all of these beauties flaunting their stuff! I hope someday to be able to attend , too!



Hi Ruth,

I would have loved to have you with us. It was an absolutely incredible event. We were very fortunate to have their team with us. It was a wonderful family affair.


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