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“It is an absolute human certainty that no one can know his own beauty or perceive a sense of his own worth until it has been reflected back to him in the mirror of another loving, caring human being.”- John Joseph Powell, The Secret of Staying in Love

I’m pretty sure the world will never feel quite the same after FierceCon 2019 – at least for those of us who experienced the magic that unfolded over 3 days in the SouthBay of LA

I’m still processing all the experiences I witnessed over the weekend. Watching women blossom before my eyes, brimming with newfound self confidence and self esteem.

It made me think about the beauty and metamorphosis of a butterfly. The beauty and grace found in a butterfly is absolutely breathtaking. Yet, a butterfly never witnesses its own beauty. A butterfly only “sees” itself through another. It made me realize just how powerful it is when our beauty is reflected back to us through other women.

As culture and evolution have mixed, women have been taught to see one another as a competitive threat. We’ve learned to view women as competition rather than a beautiful mirror with which to see our own reflection. 

Every woman is a mirror for another. When a woman shines her light as brightly as she can, she illuminates everyone around her.

FierceCon is unique. The intention is simple: it is for every single woman to see her true beauty, to own her true beauty, and to shine her light as bright as possible for herself and for all the women surrounding her basking in her glow.

Jacqueline Depaul was a stand out from the weekend, a FierceCon Rockstar, teaching women a whole new way of embodying confidence and learning how to project it through the lens of a camera and the lens of life. She shared a story of the process she went through to see her true beauty, rather than the distorted reflection she saw in the mirror.

As humans, we don’t see our true reflection in a mirror. We see through the eyes of pain. We see our limitations. We see our perceived flaws. We see through the eyes of others who have projected negative thoughts and beliefs onto us. Some of us, including myself, chose to accept those beliefs.

Not any more.

It’s up to us as women at Midlife & Beyond, on a quest to Master Modern Midlife, to master these thoughts and beliefs in order to see ourselves through the clear eyes of our hearts and the beauty of our souls as well as the heroine’s journey that brought us to this point.

Beauty is not skin deep. Beauty, unlike “pretty,” is not a physical concept.

Beauty isn’t one thing. Beauty is everything. 

Beauty is a mosaic. 

Beauty is laughter. Beauty is a kind heart. Beauty is a wink. Beauty is a sparkle in your eye. 

Beauty happens when we choose to see the beauty around us and in others.

Beauty is magic. Beauty is your Superpower.

When we believe we are beautiful, we shine.

When we believe we matter, we do.

When we believe we are worthy, we are.

Beauty is in me. Beauty is in you. 

The more beauty I see in you, the more beauty I see in me.

FierceCon is like one gigantic mirror reflecting beauty that can’t be seen by the eyes but must be felt by the heart.

Cheers Beauties … Shine your light as brightly as you can … let women be blinded by the light of their own glorious reflection.

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Beautifully said, Catherine! ❤🦋


Thank you, sister!


Ah, tears, beauty!
My first FierceCon (2017), I was unable to appreciate what was unfolding.
This time, with the help of my sketching project, I was fully engaged and loving every minute.
Thank you for being a catalyst for this wonderful paradigm shift.


Ah, thank you for jumping in with both feet sister and a gigantic heart of gold!!!!


Oh Catherine! This is so beautiful and such an “ahah!” moment! Thank you for sharing this! The image of the butterfly and the mirror are perfect metaphors, I never thought of it before!
Thank you for the most precious gift of casting a vision for kindness and true community and friendship not only for this event but for your community that I am so blessed and grateful to be a part of. It really is an awakening.


I do love those beautiful metaphors. We are all beautiful butterflies and a gorgeous, radiant mirror for one another!

Love you, Catherine

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