Climbing the Stairway to Heaven

“There’s a lady who’s sure
All that glitters is gold
And she’s buying a stairway to heaven”
– Led Zeppelin

Evolution has been on my mind lately. Mine. Yours. Ours.

I’m a geek. A nerd. A voracious book lover. As a young girl, I built my own library. An official library with its very own Dewey Decimal system. I had a little box with note cards and a date stamper. I would loan the books to my brothers and leave overdue notices under their doors. They still owe me over a million dollars in late fees!

The past couple weeks, I’ve spent hibernating. My favorite thing to do when I begin to slow down and take time to fill up that inner tank and refuel is read. I read absolutely everything. I was reading one of my favorite spiritual teachers the other day when I came across something that was an “Aha” moment for me. I’ve read it before, but this time, it hit me. He said, “Evolution only goes one way.” 

In other words, when we evolve, raise our overall vibration, lift our souls up from deep within and create seismic shifts in our spirit, we NEVER go backwards! 

Think about that. Just about everything in life is an up and down process. We win, we lose. What goes up, must come down. 

Evolution doesn’t work that way. The soul only moves upward. Once we evolve and awaken, lighten up from within, there’s no going back.

That doesn’t mean our vibration doesn’t fluctuate. Of course, it does. Our vibration fluctuates from moment to moment. But, our evolution – that deeper part of us that’s connected to our higher self – lives on a one way escalator – one that’s onward and upward.

It’s those “Aha” moments that stop me in my tracks and light me up from within. 

I like to think of The Forever Fierce Revolution as The Evolution Revolution. Why? Because it’s an inside out revolution – one that’s sparked from within – a revolution where we learn to “revolt” from limiting beliefs and negative misperceptions about ourselves. It’s a Revolution in Kindness. And we do it together!

Let’s face it. We live in a material world where we are taught to chase the material. Material possessions and physical wealth become a tangible measure of our success. 

Success in the spiritual world is a vastly different type of wealth – inner wealth – an intangible lightness of being- the only wealth you can take with you when your time on this planet is up. 

When we evolve, when we expand our mindset, when we live in a space of empathy, kindness and compassion – when we liberate ourselves from all the baggage we carry, we let it go forever. 

I like to think of it like a one way stairway to heaven. 

When you climb a stair on your own spiritual evolution, shining a light inward, elevating your beliefs and your consciousness, you never go back. 

It’s a one way ticket – home.

We are here for one purpose – to evolve. 

The more Moxie, the greater the evolution.

Moxie is the ticket. 

Cheers Beauties … up, up and away! And share your story of evolution in the comments below to inspire us all!

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What a beautiful message Catherine! To the point and spot on! 😉


I have so much fun writing these Moxie’s. They come from another place for sure. Happy Thanksgiving my friend.


Dear Catherine, yes evolution. we are all going forward. As you love reading I would love you to read my book’Sexy at 70′, which is all about my own evolution. On Amazon in Kindle and as a book. if you want me to send you a signed copy I would love to. You must give me an address to send it to


Yes to evolution sister. I’m happy to read your book. If you can send me an email, I’ll send you my address. It’s Catherine


Moving forward and discovering a new you, a new direction, is such an awesome slice of life. Catherine you give everyone the courage to live their best life. It is so rare to share such insight. Great uplifting post!


Thanks so much sister! It was lovely to get to know you and part of the KUEL Tribe at FC. I look forward to many more!!!


I love this post! There is nothing that feels quite as good as our own personal evolution. And knowing that it can’t ever be erased is so empowering!
Nerdy Girls Unite! 😉🤣


Hehe! Its the revenge of the nerdy girls!!! In the best possible way.



i’m a sucker for sequins and gold! you nailed this look!


You and me both! Sequins, bring it on!


This is such a refreshing perspective! I love this idea of only moving forward and that is definitely true of Forever Fierce Revolution!


Thank you my beautiful friend. I love those Aha moments in life!

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