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“I never indulge in rhyme or stanza Unless I’m in bed with the influenza.” – Quintus Ennius 

New Year’s Resolutions. At least for this year, just like heaven … they can wait.

My New Year started with attending an incredible conference in Colorado. I had been so looking forward to it! It was an amazing opportunity to connect in person with Gregg Braden and staying with my Fierce Sister, Cindy Scurry. I got so much out of my weekend: introspection, love, light, hope, determination … and a wicked case of the flu.

And Oh What a Flu!

It kicked my ass for a week. I wasn’t home for more than 24 hours when I found myself delirious in Urgent Care with a 102.5 degree fever. My normal body temperature is about 97 and even when I’m sick, I don’t normally get a fever.

This time it was the whole nine yards … fever, body aches, nausea, sore throat from Hell, coughing, asthma. Yuck, yuck, and more yuck.

I didn’t get out of bed for days and don’t really remember much about those days at all.

The good news? I got sleep … and lots of it!

Which was just what I needed. I mean really needed.

Sometimes the universe has a different plan for us.

It did for me.

Being a woman with Moxie and a force of character, I’ve learned when to hold em and when to fold em.

This was definitely a week to fold em!

What this week made me realize was there’s a lot of pressure around the New Year.

Pressure to make New Year’s Resolutions.

Pressure to change.

Pressure to be better.

Pressure to do better.

Sometimes the best thing we can do for ourselves is take the pressure off.

Illness has a way or doing that for us.

It did for me.

Every Force of Character needs a break sometimes.

Time to refuel.

Time to slow down.

Time to catch your breath.

Moxie takes energy.

Energy must be replenished from time to time.

For me, that meant a week of not doing. A week of rest and lots of chicken soup.

Chicken soup for the soul, the body, and the mind!

Somehow, the universe knows best.

Those resolutions can wait.

Sometimes doing better means not doing anything at all.

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Awe I am so sorry you have been under the weather! I sure understand about a body stopping you in your tracks! A forced “time out”! I hope you are feeling better and back on your feet soon!


It feels good to be out of bed sister. I have to admit I was beginning to feel really down. Not like myself. Time to chase joy!

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