The Joy of the Beach

Hermosa Beach, CA

“Go find your joy. Whatever that is, go find your joy. Are you going to have a good day or are you going to have a great day? Because it’s completely up to you.” – Sandra Bullock 

Joy didn’t come naturally to me. 

I had to be taught.

Oh, I might have looked and sounded joyful on the outside but it was all an act.

My insides were a twisted and frightened mess.

Most of us have a great teacher that appears in our lives. At some point, we reach out with thanks and gratitude for their lesson. 

Today I’d like to thank my greatest teacher:


That’s right … Dis-Ease has a lot to teach us!

To teach me … about Joy.

One of the greatest lessons I’ve learned has been through illness –

Illness showed me the way back to me.

More importantly, Illness showed me how far away from me I had strayed.

How far away from Joy I had traveled.

Joy Heals.

Joy is Light.

Joy is Love.

Joy is Delicious.

Joy is Delight.

It’s the ultimate panacea – 

Moxie to what ails you

Or me. 

My recent bout with Illness 

is back to teach me,  

to guide me, 

to show me that I’ve lost my way,

my reason for being.

I’ll admit it. I wallowed in misery for a couple weeks.

I lost my Moxie.

No Joy,

No Moxie.

Wellness requires Joy.

Aging Fiercefully requires Joy.

Lots of it.

The messages we receive when we’re young permeate our DNA,

And our unconscious minds.

Our programming.

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about Joy and

The messages I received about Joy

About laughter

About ease

About grace

Throughout my life.

Throughout my childhood.

How Joy felt wrong.

How Joy and guilt were intertwined.

Midlife brings with it the power to create a new message

An empowering message

A message of Chasing Joy.

A message about Catching Joy.

Life is meant to to be “En-Joyed!”

Joy makes life worth living.

I choose Joy.

So, if you see me running along the seashore

Frolicking in the waves

Captivated by the sunset, 

Giggling with delight,

I’m chasing Joy.

Want to join me?

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I love this post! Capturing joy in midlife is exactly what I did, too. I had to do some work also, to get there. I had to deal with my past and understand that although I wasn’t loved as a kid, I am lovable, I had to let go of shame and guilt, and begin to feel good about myself. Glad you are on the mend Catherine, and that you also have found joy.


If not now, when? Right! The time for JOY is always now. I had a lot of shame to heal too sister. So glad you’re on the same journey and headed toward your North Star!


I’m with you…joy and kindness all the way.


You live it!!!


Oh Catherine! I couldn’t agree more! When our bodies bring us to a screeching halt, it’s almost as though it knows we need to take care of some business. The kind where you stop and find your way back to you. Such a great post, I totally relate!


We’re always on the same page sister. Illness is an amazing guide. It’s like a sign that says stop and turn around!!!



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