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“We must realize our own talents and, having realized, accept them; and play on them like a symphony in which all other instruments are harmonized to make a better universe.” – Jeane Dixon 

We are going Old School … in a whole new modern way! Do you remember waiting patiently for the daily newspaper when you were a kid just so you could read your horoscope? Me too! I felt like Jeane Dixon, Dear Abby, and Heloise were my pals. I miss them and I’ll bet you do too! CGO and Mastering Modern Midlife are going to reconnect you with those experiences with a modern twist … and new authentic Voices that will inspire the Modern Midlife Woman.

You know those divine moments in life, the ones where you’re at rock bottom and it seems as if the heavens have come down to intervene on your behalf? Something begins to change, and takes you on an  entirely new trajectory, one you would have never dreamed of in a million years. Mine came via a messenger who arrived in my life very unexpectedly and, in the nick of time. I’d like to introduce you to a very special woman, Laura Bruno. Laura is the Empowerment Coach who helped spark me back to life during my battle with late stage Lyme Disease. Laura is a gifted Medical Intuitive, a  Reiki Master Teacher (yes she taught me too!) and has studied Astrology for over 20 years. Have you ever met someone that is somehow in tune, and intriguingly connected to the Universe … in a way that’s hard to explain? Laura is one of those people. Today, we are launching a new feature on the blog, an exclusive monthly column exploring the “Mystical Midlife” with the Midlife North Node Horoscope. It’s my latest collaboration with Laura who is now a dear friend and partner in crime – the best kind of crime! 

In 2014, I came across an article Laura wrote on Lyme Disease with a fresh perspective – a spiritual or inside out perspective – that deeply resonated with me. I immediately sent an email. Laura responded and the rest is history.  As you know, I didn’t lose my life to Lyme Disease. Instead, with Laura’s assistance, I kicked ass and kicked that sucker to the curb! Laura helped guide my life in an entirely new direction. She opened my eyes to many new worlds, including the world of astrology and particularly, the North Nodes. 

North Nodes are an  area of astrology that’s not as well known as the Sun signs yet they are a vital part of the path of the Modern Midlife woman. Within the North Nodes lies the gold. For me, it was like opening up a glittering treasure box filled with jewels I didn’t recognize. Those jewels were alive inside of me waiting to be discovered. Think of the North Nodes as your personal Midlife North Star. The North Nodes are filled with wisdom to guide us toward our true life’s purpose, the one that lies deep within our soul.

Midlife is often a time of course correction. It has been for me and so many women within the Forever Fierce community. It also tends to be a time of deep soul searching as our soul begins to yearn for attention to point us toward our destiny – our True North – the life we are born to live rather than the life we’ve been told to live by others. If you’re familiar with the Sun Signs and the typical Zodiac Horoscopes, you may be surprised by what is revealed in your North Node Horoscope

Your North Node sign is not likely to be the same as your Sun sign but don’t worry … we’ve provided a set of tables for you to quickly find your North Node by your birth date! Be prepared for some amazing Self discovery through your personal Node Node. There is a life before Midlife and another life at Midlife & Beyond. Many of us have been conditioned to live through our South Nodes which is the opposite direction of the calling of our soul. Midlife is the perfect time to change course. To create a new life consciously rather than living a programmed, unconscious life. It’s a time to unwrap those gifts we all carry within us. The gifts that lie hidden in the shadows.

Coupled with her intuitive gifts, Laura’s Horoscopes are unique and fiercely refreshing. They’re like a giant kick start to align your heart with your soul’s true calling. For me as a Cancer Sun sign, everything I found in the North Node was absolutely terrifying at the beginning. I was a bit of an introverted homebody, a sensitive empath, who definitely shied away from the spotlight – a shy Cancer who hides in her shell and carries the weight of the world on her shoulders. A sensitive Crab who was taught to be invisible. Laura, as my empowering guide, gently prodded me to look deeper. When I did, I understood my soul’s path. Today, I’m living the path of my North Star. My North Node is a Leo, quite the character who adores the spotlight and being a public figure. I’m beginning to fill those shoes through my newly discovered life’s mission as an Ageism Positivist.

If you haven’t signed up for our newsletter, I highly encourage you to do so, as Laura will be providing a monthly update on the North Node Horoscopes. You won’t want to miss it! 2020 is a pivotal time where the universe is calling for major transformation, lasting transformation from deep within. It’s a time for us as Modern Midlife women to course correct if we aren’t heading toward our true North Star. Trust me, you’ll know if you’re not. All those wonderful emotions we perceive as negative – sadness, anger, depression, loneliness, longing, etc, are simply signs from our soul urging us to wake up to the incredible strength,  beauty, and power that lies within along with a refreshing new direction. It must be found within first to actualize and realize without. 

Words fail me when it comes to Laura and her gifts. Laura is an experience, one I highly recommend. The gifts she offers to you will be different than those she gives to me. Every session is deeply personalized with your heart and soul in mind and Laura’s brilliant intuitive guidance joining in the dance of a lifetime. We are fortunate to be the only place where Laura offers an hour long in depth North Node Mystical Midlife Reading. Make sure to visit the Mystical Midlife North Node Horoscope and savor all the wonderful information to help you Master Modern Midlife and live a life of meaning, passion and purpose in the direction of your personal North Star. I’ve gone from rock bottom to the top of the world in what feels like a minute. A Modern Midlife is like that. Once you align with the power that’s waiting inside of you and ignite that spark, the quantum force has a way of creating powerful changes as you head to your true North Star. 

Cheers Beauties! What are you waiting for? Let’s do this together!



This is a breath of fresh air! My North Node is also Leo, so I guess I’ll also open up, open out, and lead with my heart. You are an amazing role model for how to do all of this! Looking forward to reading more of these posts!


Well, of course it is!!!! Twinsies!!!


Fun! I miss reading horoscopes and Ann Landers, too! Will look forward to reading this every month.


Wasn’t it the best, sister?


Love you! Great song, too. 🙂 So excited for all of this. <3


Here’s to a fabulous collaboration! You are AMAZING!

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