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“We are products of our past, but we don’t have to be prisoners of it.” – Rick Warren 

The Past.

What is it?

We can’t see it.

We can’t feel it.

We can’t touch it.

Yet, we can hold it.

And, it can hold us,

For a long time.

We tend to carry it with us from the past into the present.

The past is nothing but a memory.

A memory with a charge.

Positive or negative.

Memories – rarely based on reality.

Something happens. An event.

There’s one reality. One truth.

Yet endless perceptions of that reality. Perceptions based on our assumptions. Assumptions and perceptions that differ according to our personal lenses, our filters created by our past. Then, we attach a meaning to the memory. A meaning based on assumptions and perceptions. A meaning that may not be real.

Remember that old saying, when you assume, you make an “ass out of you and me.”

I’ve found there’s some truth to that.

It’s funny the stories we spin to ourselves. Some of those perceptions propel us forward. Many of them hold us back. Most of them aren’t real.

Midlife is a time in a woman’s life when a shift happens – from without to within. From unconscious to conscious. From asleep to awake. From awake to aware.

That’s where the magic happens – Awareness.

Becoming aware of what’s real and what’s not. Questioning our assumptions and our perceptions. Confronting the ghosts of the past.

Head on.

Realizing it’s all an illusion, one of our own creation.

Moxie gives us power.

Power to create.

What we create, we can “un-create.”

What we believe, we can “un-believe.”

What we give power to, we can take back.

What we see as a negative, we can shift to a positive.

We have power. Immense power. Power to decide how we hold our memories, if we choose to hold them at all.

We have the power to change the meaning we attach to those memories – the power to allow our memories to empower us rather than disempower us.

Reframing. Placing a shiny, new frame on a dingy, old memory, one that’s holding us back – seeing it in a new light, the light of Midlife, the light of a wiser Self – propelling us forward. Transforming a negative into a positive. Making it work for us rather than against us. Giving an old memory new meaning.

A Modern Midlife is a Midlife with Meaning.

A Midlife with Meaning is a Midlife where we choose what things mean.

What we mean.

Who we are and

Who we are becoming.



Memories that are meaningful make for

A life full of meaning.

That’s something to hold onto.

The rest to be let go.

Hold the best.

Bury the rest.

Cheers Beauties! What do you choose?

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I totally agree. Midlife IS the time to reframe and redefine. Make peace with past; it’s all a process. We are a process. Learning how to be kind to ourselves as we move forwards it a life skill that will change everything.


It sure is isn’t it sister! Grateful we have crossed paths my friend. Welcome to the tribe!


We need to hear this almost daily. Our lives and past can get in the way so much!! But it’s silly. We can reframe anything, and should!!!


Me too. That’s why I keep telling myself!

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