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“Swimsuit shopping is the best. Said no one ever!”

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Why is it that shopping for swimsuits seems to be one of those things that tends to go on the back burner? It’s been a long time for me since I shopped for a suit. I hadn’t been feeling my best last year between menopause and lack of time for some well needed Self care. This year, I’m intending to change that by focusing more on Self care and adding a bit more balance into my life. True to my word, I’ve been spending more time in the yoga studio. There’s nothing like yoga to get back to center and to soothe the soul. That’s inspired me to head back to the beach. That’s the best kind of Self care therapy on the planet. Oh, and it’s free!

My swimsuits were looking a bit raggedy. And I mean like Raggedy Ann. Some of them I’d been wearing for over a decade. The salt water and sunshine had definitely taken a toll. Fresh inspiration deserves some fresh swimwear. It was time! I began my hunt for the perfect swimsuit for the Modern Midlife Woman

I’ve always been drawn to the water. I was raised on Lake Michigan. My Dad practically lived on a speed boat on the water. If he wasn’t fishing for the perfect lake trout catch of the day, we were most likely out there water skiing, working on our slalom. We were lucky that we also had a place in Key Largo, right on the ocean. I’m absolutely mad for the Keys. It’s like Bohemian heaven for the Boho girl in me. I’ve spent many of my younger days as a lifeguard, working on the perfect glistening tan that is so out (Thank God!) in today’s modern world. 

Back to swimsuit shopping. I let my fingers do the walking and zipped around online. When it comes to shopping online, my feeling is anything goes. My very first 

stop was to check out the latest from Billabong. Why Billabong? I know, I know – it’s a brand that targets a much younger audience. The funny thing is I’ve been wearing Billabong for over 30 years! Hear that, Billabong executives! Yes, there is life after 25! I’m 58, I like to buy your suits. Deal with it. In all sincerity, I’ve not only lived in the brand, I introduced my skateboarding son to Billabong along with my toe headed beach loving daughter. After all, it is a Modern Midlife. 

My mother’s choice in swimwear was far more “matronly.” It was worn to cover up and hide. Not so today. The Modern Midlife Woman comes in all shapes and sizes and the Forever Fierce Revolution embraces and supports Body Positivity! I was fortunate to meet and spend time at NYFW with bombshell Hunter McGrady fresh off the pages of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. She’s a gem. Hunter showed that a woman can be any body type, rock the raciest of swimsuits, look stunning, and feel great doing it!

I can’t help but lead an active lifestyle and I need an active brand that can keep up with me. I’ll always be a water lover – oceans, lakes – you name it. That’s why I went out of the box with a brand known for catering to youth. I wanted to show them the Modern Midlife Woman could and should be a target market for them. If you agree and are feeling sassy, comment on your Twitter feed:Hey @billabongwomens Midlife Women are Fierce! Join us in supporting Age Positivity! #swimwear #swimsuit #beach #women #agepositivity Click To Tweet

There are benefits to scouting around for swimsuits! For one, the junior departments and brands have a much lower price point. Another bonus, is that most brands target the millennial demographic over the 40 to 50 plus crowd, leaving us with a lot more options. That’s what drew me to Billabong. It’s well known for having a wide ranging selection of swimwear that’s also affordably priced and well constructed for an active lifestyle. The hardest part about the Billabong swimsuit selection, is deciding on which suits to try. Even though it’s geared to juniors, they have some of the best one piece collections online that are also super affordable. An added bonus, lots of the swimsuits were on sale – major sale! 

My sales skills were honed at an early age. I’m like a homing pigeon when it comes to finding the best deals on clearance. What I love about Billabong is they incorporate the best parts of surf wear into the mix, from the fabrics that hold everything in, to the long sleeved suits that couldn’t be more perfect for the Modern Midlife Woman who just may want to hide her arms. Their swimwear has lots of wonderful lycra and spandex in all the right places. I’ve tagged some of my favorite suits that are absolutely perfect for the water loving, active Modern Midlife Woman. I’m afraid you may be tempted to pick up more than just one. In the end, I chose 3 suits, each one very different from the rest. 

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing my 3 top choices on the Billabong site. The first one I landed on was this gorgeous pink striped number, “The Tanlines Bodysuit.” Billabong refers to it as a fiery surf suit. I have to agree although I would love to add the Fierce to Fiery!  The spandex design is printed with pink pop color stripes along with a cut-out at the center back, matched with long sleeves and a slim cut seat. It is absolute perfection for long days in the sun. Long sleeved swimsuits not only hide the arms, they offer a lot in the way of well needed added sun protection. The older we get, the more important it is to protect our skin from the sun. 

I happened to share a fun Boomerang I had taken in the suit and a little behind the scenes live before the shoot. Several women messaged me to order the suit. Several MODERN MIDLIFE WOMEN, I may add! Hint Hint, Billabong, executives! You just may wish to broaden that marketing and include some Fierce & Feisty Modern Midlife women in your marketing. 

When it comes to shopping for swimwear, my best advice – keep it simple. The only thing that matters is how the swimsuit makes you feel! Know your body and what looks amazing on you. If you don’t love your arms, find a swimsuit that covers them. If you have a little extra cushion on your tush, choose a suit that’s heavy on spandex and helps to lift your backside. If you’re self conscious about your tummy, there are lots of swimwear options to choose from. A one piece made with Lycra and spandex is an easy choice. Finding one that has a little detail around the middle is a great way to camouflage that area. 

Cheers Beauties. Here’s to taking the anxiety out of swimsuit shopping as spring and summer are right around the corner. I hope I’ve inspired you to consider looking outside the box and visiting brands like Billabong. Who knows? If they see enough Modern Midlife women in their swimwear, maybe we’ll begin to see ourselves reflected in their marketing. What a wonderful world that would be!

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Wow! I still can’t believe that this suit is Billabong. You wear that suit perfectly! It can even double as a pop of color body suit under a pair of beach pants!


Thank you sister! It’s hard to believe isn’t it? It would look fabulous on you! You wear color so well. I’ve been loving your posts lately. Cheerful!


You ROCK this suit. I love the colors and the style. I used to be a waterskier when I was in my 20’s and loved this brand. Thank you for brining it back as a brand to look at again. I am 57 and could totally see myself in one (or all) of the suits you shared in this post. Gorgeous photos in the water beach babe.


Your killer bod would look absolutely amazing in this suit, sister!


Interesting that you posted this about Billabong. I was looking at their site a few months ago, and I really liked some things, but I was intimidated by the “youth” focus of it all and ended up not buying anything, thinking perhaps it wasn’t for me. I agree with Catherine’s sentiments. C’mon Billabong! There’s an energetic and adventurous midlife demographic out there!


I definitely have to share this one with the company. Amazing that their silence is deafening. It’s hard to believe they are missing the opportunity to celebrate women who have been supporting them for decades. It’s opening up marketing to multiple demographics and not changing your demographic focus. It’s crazy that retail is suffering badly and they aren’t connecting the missed opportunities found in the Modern Midlife woman!


Yep!! I’d totally wear this and I bet I could get Lesley and my mom in on the action too!! Especially when water workouts are better for older women’s joints!!


I would pay big money to see that hot bod in this suit!


Fantastic post, and I took the challenge and clicked the link to tweet to Billabong! You are so right pointing out the value of honoring midlife women who can be a fantastic new audience to reach! You look fantastic by the way!


Have I told you how much I LOVE YOU!

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