Amaze-Balls! Why You Must Be the 24%! Moxie On Monday

"Whatever you want to do, do it now. There are only so many tomorrows.”
Michael Landon

Do you know that 76% of humans share one thing in common before they die?


One powerful regret the 76 percenters share: “ I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.”

When most people prepare to leave this planet, they don’t regret what they did.

What do they regret?

They regret what they didn’t do!

They regret the unfulfilled parts of their life.

The most common regret shared by so many humans is a choice. The silver lining? It’s a choice we can change at any moment!

It’s a choice to live the life of your dreams, a life created from your beautiful, beating heart and no one else’s.

YOU have a choice to be in the 24 percent!

Right now, in this moment, there is a living, breathing dream in your heart. It’s a combination of your soul and your future Self speaking to you and through you, urging you to be more You – to actualize those dreams into reality.

Friday, on Clubhouse (yes! I spend A LOT of time on Clubhouse), we were talking about Midlife Manifestation in the Midlife Matters Club when I told a story I heard John Assaraf (from The Secret) share earlier that week. It was the story of an African Tribe that had a one hundred percent success rate whenever they held a rain dance. Every single time they danced with the intention of attracting rain, the clouds would burst open and rain would pour down from the heavens.

Did they have some crazy Superpower? A direct line to the Rain Gods?


What was their secret?

They danced and danced and danced until it rained!

That’s it.

They never ever gave up – they never thought of giving up.

What does this story have to do with you, or me, or 76 percent of humans who will most likely lie on their deathbeds with their hearts full of regret?

You have a choice. You can be the human who quits or the one that never stops dancing!

What dream is in your heart? What dream must you fulfill before you leave this planet?

I asked my Sister Tamara Batsell, who teasingly calls me the Blonde Gangster, for a quote on her Midlife Matters Club profile and true to form quoted Nike: “Just Do It!”

Thank you Tamara, I couldn’t agree more!

For heaven’s sakes (pun completely intended!), you’re in control of your regrets. You don’t have to regret what you didn’t do or haven’t done.

And speaking of Sisters, Jacqueline Depaul decided at age 40 that she always wanted to model and didn’t want to regret not doing so. She had a dream of walking a Paris runway. So she entered a Wilhelmina Modeling Agency national contest.

She won. She’s walked a Paris runway multiple times.

Do you want to write a book?

Awesome, plop your tushy down every single day and force yourself to write.

How about traveling the world?

Wonderful! If you have the budget, create a bucket list and book a flight. If you don’t, create a future intention and start small with visiting a nearby place you’ve never been to. After all, the world begins and ends in your own backyard!

Perhaps, you’ve always wanted to design your own fashion line.

AmazeBalls! How about taking an online course, searching for some fabric, hiring a pattern maker or buying a sewing machine, and getting going?
*(Editor’s note: I am skeptical about the word “amazeballs” but was ordered to leave it in. I’ll probably regret it on my deathbed.)

The thing is, what researchers have learned from humans sharing their regrets is most were simply waiting for inspiration to strike first. What they also learned is that the inspiration never came.

Their conclusion: The way to get inspired is by taking action.

Your action. Own it. Just do it.

I’m planning to be in the 24 percent. Want to join me?



Remember, you may just regret it if you don’t.

Comment below as I would love to hear from you! What’s the one dream, the wish, you must fulfill before you go?

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You are so right! We have to live and create our dreams.
Prayer and faith that they will come to fruition.


Yes, prayer and faith will always come to fruition.

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