“Looking through rose colored glasses doesn’t presume we don’t see what’s real and true, but it does mean we’re choosing a lovely hue for a more optimistic view.” – LeAura Alderson

What would life be like if you could pop on a pair of rose colored glasses every single day? Guess what, you can!

Meet Randolph USA, my latest obsession in the sunglass arena. This one’s a keeper! I live at the beach which means I live in sunglasses. It also means I can be really hard on my sunnies. Between photo shoots, a pup that delights in mayhem, an extra jam packed lifestyle with 7 mile walks around the glorious Puget Sound, I need sunglasses that work and are durable with high quality lenses to protect those peepers from the blazing NW Pacific Coast sunshine! As a fashion lover, of course, the gorgeous Randolph aesthetic and design is also powerfully alluring.

Don’t you just love a company with a beautiful and inspiring back story? Let me share a little bit about what makes Randolph so extra special. First of all, they’re made right here in the USA!!! It’s a rare thing in this day and age to see a business that is deeply committed to high quality production standards right here in America. Randolph doesn’t just settle for high quality production, their sunglasses are made for military standards. Let’s just say, they hold up under intense scrutiny and lots of Moxie Mayhem!

This company is the essence of the American Dream. In fact, the Founders of Randolph, Former Royal Air Force navigator Jan Waszkiewicz and machinist Stanley Zaleski both immigrated to America with a few bucks and a dream: to build the world’s best sunglasses. In 1973, they opened the doors to their factory in a small town called Randolph, just outside of Boston, MA. Amazingly enough, they’re still located outside of Boston today! The nice thing is, the roots that founded this beautiful company are still alive today. From the Randolph website, “Our founders wanted to leave something behind in their memory. Something to be proud of. Today, you’ll find the same machines, the same families and the same ethics, quietly building the world’s finest eyewear one pair at a time in an unexpected way. Randolph builds eyewear for anyone who expects better.”

These two men with a background in the military had a mission to create a sunglass with a superior standard of quality. Every single pair of Randolph Sunglasses is engineered to military standards! What that means is that you can actually feel the quality! Up until now, many of my sunglasses couldn’t keep up with my active, outdoor, on the go lifestyle. They couldn’t keep up with the Moxie Mayhem. I’ve been wearing Randolph for some time now, and each pair of sunglasses looks as good today as it did on day one! The wire frames are solid. Randolph has somehow managed to perfect the intersection of where form meets function. Gorgeous design no longer means sacrificing style. It also doesn’t have to mean a crazy price point. When it comes to manufacturing here in the US, an affordable high quality sunglass can be hard to come by. Not any longer!

The very first time I slipped on a pair of Randolph Sunglasses, I knew they were different. Some of the wire frame sunglasses or aviators I’ve had in the past can be flimsy. They don’t hold up to normal wear and tear, let alone an active, outdoor lifestyle. It’s rare that I find a pair of sunglasses that checks every important box on my list:

  • Made in the USA
  • Engineered to Military Standards
  • Impeccable Design and Quality
  • A Gorgeous Range of Styles and Colors
  • Family Owned
  • Sunglass Frames Guaranteed for Life!

You want to know something else about Randolph? Every frame is made by hand. Yes, it’s a true labor of love. You can feel the love! Remember, they’re rose colored glasses for a reason! Knowing these frames are guaranteed for life is HUGE! Like I said, I can be hard on my sunglasses. How about you? It’s wonderful to know that you don’t have to worry about Randolph.

Here’s another sweet clip from their website, one that just might touch your heart: “We’re inspired by human resilience and dedication. The fighting spirit of our founders to do the right thing even in the face of adversity. We believe independence is worth fighting for. And we believe customers deserve a choice. Never compromise.”

How many companies have you come across that have that kind of dedication to their customer and, just as important, to the human spirit?

Randolph, you’ve hooked me. I’m grateful to be part of the Randolph family. I’m loving seeing the world through your gorgeous rose colored lenses. Blue ones too, as you all know how much I love blue! With summer here, I’m guessing it may be time to treat yourself to a fresh pair of sunnies. How about a pair of Randolph’s … sunglasses that will go the distance!

Cheers Beauties, here’s to sunny days and rose colored glasses. Which pair is your favorite?

I am so delighted to be an ambassador for Randolph and I do get compensated on any purchase.

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