“My body’s by Kacy. My skin’s by StriVectin.” – Catherine Grace O’Connell

Humbled. Grateful. Over the Moon.

When I decided to do “60 Days to 60” I really didn’t think any companies would resonate with my message and put themselves out there in support of the new paradigm of women at Midlife & Beyond.

Oh, but they sure did!

I couldn’t be more pleased and proud to announce that StriVectin is the premiere sponsor for “60 Days to 60!” And just in time for their Memorial Day Sale with 25% OFF! Use ”CODE: WAVE25

I’m using this time to get into the best shape I can be at 60, Oh … and … I’m planning to pose for a photo shoot in only my hard won “InFit?” Yes, as in, No OutFit? None, zero, zippo, zilcho clothing. Nada! Only what I’m wearing on the inside and let’s hope it’s a whole lotta Self Confidence!

I’m nervous (like very nervous) to pose semi, elegantly, nude – the truth is I’m far more fearful about how my skin will look than my body for the photo shoot! I’ve got Kacy Duke kicking my butt and tightening that baby up and she’s a terror. She’ll win that battle. It’s the skin on the arms and the legs and the neck and the face. Hell, at 60 I’m worried about anywhere there’s skin! Ha!

CGO Close Up Strivectin ProductsLet’s be real. Lockdown has been hard! Like so many of you, I’ve barely left home in what feels like forever! All my normal routines fell away – no yoga studio, no mani-pedis, no facials, little to no self care and no sisters, no hugs, and lots of stress. Stress, along with age and declining hormones, has a lot to do with how our skin ages. Over the past year, I’ve definitely developed the “covid crepey drape” – you know, skin that’s lost its elasticity and is far more dry and scaly. My body has also lost a lot of muscle tone – muscle that holds up that skin.

That’s where StriVectin comes into play! It’s a brand I trust and a company I’ve been aligned with in mission, passion and purpose, for several years now. One of the highlights of my time hosting our FierceCon 3 day event in LA, was having StriVectin as a main corporate sponsor as well as spending time with 3 members of their team who bonded with our sisterhood. FierceCon and the ensuing camaraderie has a way of uniting all of us! It was a powerful experience, one that left an indelible mark on both me and my fierce sisterhood.

So, to calm my nerves and to get my 60 year old skin looking its very best, I won’t be hitting a spa of any kind. In fact, I won’t be leaving my home at all as I’m planning to create an in-home spa experience using StriVectin Skincare products from head to toe. I’m also inviting you to join me in creating your own in-home spa experience as I’ll be sharing the products I’m using, as well my personal experience and transformational results. I’ve had spectacular results with using StriVectin products on my skin in the past. I know it will happen again and I can’t wait!

The StriVectin Team at FierceCon LA!

I made a decision long ago to partner with a highly selective group of brands that shared my passion in supporting women at Midlife & Beyond. StriVectin believes in age inclusivity and understands the 40 plus woman as well as the fact that the skincare needs of a 60 year old differs greatly from that of a younger woman. StriVectin is a company devoted to science based skincare. They are continually on the cutting edge, researching the latest skincare advances and incorporating them into their products. Over the past year, StriVectin has launched one of the hottest products on the marketing targeting crepey skin – Crepe Control Exfoliating Body Scrub and Crepe Control Tightening Body Cream. I have to admit that up until now, I’ve NEVER used a product for crepe control but boy am I EXCITED to try these products! I had to wait for them to come back into stock as they have been sold out for some time. The best news is, StriVectin will be offering fabulous, exclusive 60 Days to 60 Giveaways just for you! So, be sure to sign up for my newsletter to be first on the list for giveaways and special offers.

StriVectin is known for award winning, Smart Skincare. I’ve been amazed at the quality and efficiency of their products. They have broken the barriers of conventional skincare science, creating new, powerfully effective solutions for aging and changing skin. They have a devoted following, having won 30 beauty awards in only 2 years! StriVectin knows that what matters most is YOU. It’s knowing the products will work for you and for me.

Stay tuned as I’ll be sharing every single detail with you, beginning with the Crepe Control Duo, TL Advanced Tightening Neck Cream Plus, the Anti-Wrinkle SD Advanced PLUS Intensive Concentrate and the Anti-Wrinkle Volumizing & Rejuvenating Hand Cream. I have used their neck cream and it’s brilliant! I couldn’t be more excited to share my experience with the other products, all areas that are in desperate need of some tender loving care! And it’s perfect timing to take advantage of the sitewide 25% OFF sale! Use ”CODE: WAVE25

So, how about you? Are you in need of some tender loving care? Is your skin feeling the effects of lockdown? Are you ready to join me in celebrating 60 Days to 60 and creating a home spa experience to transform your skin from head to toe? Are you ready to say sayonara to crepey drapey skin? Are you also ready for some fabulous StriVectin giveaways too? Woohoo! Cheers Beauties, I thought so!

What’s the most important area of your skin you would like to concentrate on? Please leave a comment below as I know the StriVectin team would love to know more about you and your skincare needs! P.S. So would I!!!

StriVectin Skin Products



Love Strivectin, congrats. See you in 60 days. I might have to do my 70 days to 70 😅😅😅


Now, that’s a wonderful idea! 70 Days to 70!!!


Out skin needs the help from brands like this! Yay!!


I couldn’t agree more, sister! Skin after 50 is definitely different! We need all the help we can get!


It sure does, sister!

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