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“Love the body you have to get the body you want” – Kacy Duke

I’ve always wanted a personal trainer.

It’s funny. As a mom, I didn’t hesitate to fulfill any of the whims and wishes of my children. That included personal trainers for my kids but not for me! That’s the beauty of being an older, wiser woman, I’m no longer afraid to ask for what I want. At this point in my life, it’s more about fulfilling my own heartfelt desires and, hopefully, inspiring other women to do the same!

Of course, I never thought my personal trainer would also train Denzel Washington, Bruce Willis, Dakota Johnson, and the list goes on!


That brings me to the K-Game and the 66 years young fitness phenom, Kacy Duke. I’m fortunate to have this workout warrior kicking my tushie. I’ve been receiving A LOT of questions about my fitness routine for 60 Days to 60! sponsored by StriVectin. So, it’s time to spill the beans. The best news ever is that Kacy is gravitating from solely personal training to offering more group and community classes in the near future. The even better news is that YOU ARE INVITED to a FREE group birthday workout on July 7th to celebrate 60 along with me and Kacy! You can get a taste of the K Game for yourself. One warning, just be prepared to have a nice hot bath complete with epsom salts on the ready! Oh, and mark your calendar and be sure to be a member of Forever Fierce: Midlife Matters!

You can find all of my Kacy recommended gear in my CGO Shop!

I’m definitely realizing that getting fit at 60 is very different

from 40 or 50. Hormones have changed – A LOT! Back when I had my kids and even when I turned 40, I had Linda Hamilton arms. I was buff. Super buff. Yes, I worked out every single day. I was a runner and I would regularly hit the gym to work out with weights. I also had a fabulous Concept 2 Rower and LifeCycle bike at home. Working out was a huge part of my life.

This past year, I’ve been far more sedentary than I’ve ever been in my life. Yes, I did yoga. Yes, I go for long walks. But, I’m afraid that doesn’t quite cut it at 60! I wish I had all the time in the world to work out but, lately, life is super busy and so I’m usually limited to an hour a day most days.

Twice a week, on average, I meet with Kacy virtually over Zoom. There is no warm up. That’s on me prior to the call. Kacy doesn’t mess around. Let’s just say the K Game begins the moment we start. Kacy’s assistant, Jen, sent me a list of items to order from Amazon to use. You can find everything Kacy recommends in our 60 Days to 60 Shop! I have these fitness goodies on the ready for our workouts. I also keep extras downstairs, so when I’m watching TV, I can pop on an exercise band or do some light weight reps with my arms.

Here’s the deets on my workout schedule with Kacy:

  • Kacy alternates the muscle groups on different days.
  • Kacy is BIG on light weights and high repetitions.
  • Kacy is also BIG on isometric contractions and the quality of the movement. Tiny movements and intensive contractions.
  • Her philosophy is based upon understanding the physical structure of the muscle fibers. Her fitness routines are designed to surprise the muscles every single time. She is always mixing things up. That’s not as much about my being bored as it is about keeping those muscle fibers wide awake.
  • Almost every time, we are working on the core muscles. Sometimes directly through abdominal exercises. Other times, it’s doing exercises that involve the core but in a more indirect way.
  • Kacy has created a series of routines that involve a lot of repetition. It’s about working the muscles until they are pretty well spent. Well, that’s the essence of the K-Game. Breaking down muscle fibers helps them to rebuild.
  • Kacy isn’t about a heavy duty muscular look. She’s more about creating an elongated, sculpted look.
  • She’s also a blast to talk to and someone that I really adore!

You can see some of my favorite exercises in the video at the bottom of the post,

Kacy StandingRight after I finish our workout, per my Naturopath, I’m now taking a scoop of Thorne Creatine Powder in filtered water with Emergen C powder. After that, I take 2 scoops of Vital Proteins Collagen Powder in hot water with an oolong tea bag. It’s really important to increase the protein and to take it right after working out. Oolong tea is a natural fat burner, even more so than green tea. Who knew?

On my off days, I usually try and take a BarMethod class online. I did the BarMethod in Hermosa Beach for about 5 years and switched to yoga a couple years ago. I’m back now and it’s amazing, thanks to my daughter who is one of the instructor’s assistants. I highly recommend BarMethod, West Hollywood. You can sign up for unlimited classes and they’re just as good virtually as live in person. They’re great for me as my knees can’t withstand a lot of impact any longer. I do find BarMethod is one of the best ways to tone up if you’re over 50, or almost 60!

I’m also a huge nature girl. I love taking Moxie on long walks around the Puget Sound. Lately, I’ve been diving into the 50 degree water on the way home. Nothing like jumping into freezing cold water to wake you up and boost your immune system. The other thing is, I’ve been spending a lot of time on Clubhouse lately. I always have my yoga mat ready as I love to do some yoga exercises while I’m listening in to the conversations. I suppose I’ve always been a multitasker but I do think that’s a good form of multitasking. I’m working on the whole multitasking thing!

At night, if I do relax and binge Netflix, I almost always have a yoga mat, stretchy bands and my weights ready to exercise at least through part of the show. I’m a late convert to bingeing Netflix or anything at all (thank you, Covid!) so there’s always a part of me feeling lazy when I do. Don’t worry! I’m working on that too! And if you are wondering what I’m watching … “You know nothing John Snow.”

At this stage, I’m definitely feeling more fit. No Linda Hamilton arms yet but that’s ok. As Kacy says, don’t compare yourself to what you used to be. Be the best you can be NOW! I’m not looking back but looking forward. Turning 60 is such a gift. Not long ago, it wasn’t the most remote of possibilities. Almost losing your life has a way of shifting perspective in an instant.

Cheers Beauties. We are at the final countdown. I’m making plans to head to Austin to meet up with Kevin Steele. Stay tuned for some fabulous upcoming posts on everything from Kevin Steele, our mood boards, Jess and our plans for makeup as well as more goodies and giveaways from StriVectin. It’s time to kick crepey, drapey skin to the curb! Kacy helps the inside by building up the muscles, the skin’s foundation, and StriVectin comes to the rescue on the outside. Dry, crepey skin can’t hold a candle to the Crepe Control Duo!

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looks like a great workout


She is fabulous, sister! I hope you’ll join us in Forever Fierce for the birthday workout and giveaways!!!


Thank you so much sister!

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