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No quote today! Just a contest ... who is the other woman in the photo?

Have you ever thought about posing nude?

I never did. Like, never ever, ever, ever!

Never in a million years would I do a nude photo shoot, not even one that wasn’t for public consumption.

That got me thinking. What is it about turning 60, that’s so different?

At 20, I had a really good body. Of course, I didn’t know it at the time. I was so hard on myself. At 30, I was expecting a baby. Unless you’re Demi Moore, you’re probably not thinking about posing naked 9 plus months pregnant! At 40, I was running insane amounts and hitting the gym regularly. I was buff. Crazy buff. But would I ever take off my clothes for a photoshoot? Never in a million, trillion, gazillion years.

At 50, I left a brutal marriage and was just beginning to put the pieces of myself and my life back together.

Pose naked?

Not a chance!

That brings me to 60.

At 60, I’m far less perfect on the outside than I’ve ever been. Yet, it isn’t the outside that I’m focusing on the most. It’s the inside.

The truth is, this nude photo shoot isn’t really about the outside at all. Sure, I’m working out really hard so I can look and feel my best. But, what’s most important to me isn’t what you see. It’s what you feel.

It’s about what I’ve worked so hard on, the hard won “INFIT.”

At 20, I had zero self confidence. At 60, I have oodles of it.

I know. There’s an irony there, right? My body is far from perfect. I have scars in abundance. My skin isn’t what it used to be. My face has more wrinkles than ever before. Yet, none of that matters because my 20 year old self wouldn’t be this daring. My 20 year old self would rather hide in a closet or jump off a cliff than pose naked in front of a camera, and ultimately, in front of the world.

And, that’s exactly why I’m doing this. For her. For all those younger parts of me that need healing.

You see, that 20 year old self still lives inside of me.

She also lives inside of you.

As I close in on 60 and to posing sans clothing, I’m also getting closer to those younger parts of me. I’m letting my younger self know that she’s ok – that she was always ok – more than ok. In fact, she was AMAZING. That younger self continued to live, to fight the good fight, facing trials and tribulations that could break the spirit of the strongest warrior.

Even on the brink of death, she continued to fight the good fight. The fight for herself.

That beautiful 20 year old is now 60 years young with a heart full of wisdom, compassion and love – beginning with herself. Am I beautiful? I think so … but the beauty has changed from outer looks to an inner glow. I like that.

This one’s for you, kid!

Let’s go knock ’em dead in Austin and show the world that Midlife Matters, that we matter, no matter our age. Let’s show them that life isn’t about the outfit. 

It’s about the “INFIT!”

PS – Did you guess right? The other gal is none other than the winner of 18 major tennis titles … Chrissie Evert!

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You’re always breaking “the rules”! That’s what makes me love you! Thanks for being so brave and vulnerable at the same time! Shows us all how to endure.


I think I had so many rules I followed for so long that I had a lot of pent up rule breaking stored up in my soul!


You were beautiful then and beautiful now. So amazing to witness your growth!!! You are an inspiration.


Thank you so much!


You have the gumption for sure and how did you meet Chrissy evert?


Now you know the Chrissie story!

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