Laura Bruno is back with an October Monthly North Node Horoscope update to keep those ghouls and goblins in check. Her gifted insights offer us a unique look at the energies headed our way this month. Remember, although we are in the Sun Sign of Libra … your North Node sign is most likely different! So be sure to use the calculator to figure your sign!

With October comes all kinds of tricks and treats courtesy of the Cosmos. With retrogrades raging in multiple signs, energies are bound to shift and change. October is an opportunity to reset and to move forward consciously and intentionally following the retrogrades and periods of reflection. No Zodiac sign is immune to the shifting energies this month, so be prepared to spend some time within, getting that glorious inner house in order. Pour yourself a delicious pumpkin spice tea and utilize the Libra energies of balancing scales, truth and justice to ignite your very own personal transformation by month’s end.

If you’re looking for more personal insights to help you to utilize this month’s energies and to accelerate transformation, I highly recommend a reading with Laura to discover more about how to use the North Node to your advantage.


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