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"In mathematics, two angles that are said to coincide fit together perfectly. The word 'coincidence' does not describe luck or mistakes. It describes that which fits together perfectly.”

Call it coincidence, destiny, fate, kismet— in one moment, lives can cross paths and change forever.

It’s the beginning of a new year. It’s also the perfect time to kick those coincidences into action, to get Kismet and the forces of the Universe working on your behalf.

Most of us want to change our life in some way.

For some of us that might mean big changes. For others, perhaps smaller, tiny changes.

Either way, big or small changes require one thing – for us to change something – to begin to do something differently.







What if changing your life was as simple as a click?

I know what you’re thinking. What is she talking about? A simple click can change the course of our life?

You betcha. Let me prove it to you.

I was on a Facebook Messenger video call with a dear friend this weekend. Sophie lives across the pond – way across, in the UK.

We were talking about the new year along with our intentions for manifesting and attracting wonderful things into our lives this past year.

Sophie is one powerful manifestor.

Sophie was talking about how grateful she was that she took a “Chance Click” several years ago on social media. With that one click her entire life began to change. That one click on Facebook opened up her world to new friendships along with new connections and experiences that would change the course of her life forever

That one click would ultimately also change the beliefs she had in herself and in making her dreams come true.

I believe in Kismet.

My friendship with Sophie is Kismet.

What is Kismet?

Basically it’s the aligning of forces – the force of destiny along with the forces of divinity.

Destiny plus Divinity equals Kismet.

The thing about chance or kismet or destiny is that free will changes the equation.

Free will changes outcomes.

Free will impacts our destiny.

Free will depends on YOU.

Sophie’s “Chance Click” was Forever Fierce: Midlife Matters and that brought the two of us together, that brought Sophie to the US from the UK making all kinds of new connections and experiences, happened because Sophie took a chance and clicked on something she saw, something that moved her – something her intuition told her felt right – and it opened up an entirely new world.

Not just for Sophie but for me too – oh, and for lots of Sophie’s new posse in the States.

Sophie is big on manifestation and …

Manifestation is big on Sophie.

Manifestation doesn’t happen in a vacuum.

Manifestation doesn’t happen alone.

Manifestation is the aligning of forces and the aligning of souls.

4 years ago, Sophie and I had zero connection to one another. While we didn’t consciously know one another, the Universe was busy nudging us – via our intuition prompting us to use our thoughts, actions and free will to take a chance that would bring us and our worlds together.

We spend much of our lives on social media.

What if you were to see social media in a whole new way?

Social media can be a gateway to a whole new world.

One random click can open the door to an entirely new world filled with new opportunities.

There’s been a lot of research on Luck.

Science shows us that lucky people tend to make their own luck.

Lucky people think differently.

Lucky people are open minded and optimistic.

Lucky people continually put themselves into new situations and circumstances that open them up to new possibilities.

Lucky people are the ones who go for the “Chance Click” or the chance encounter or the chance anything.

Anyone can become luckier.

A simple way to begin is to set the conscious intention of being lucky. The next step is to align your beliefs with your newfound intention to be lucky. Then, pay attention to your intuition and use your free will to Go For It!

If your gut tells you to click on something, then by all means CLICK!

Take chances.

Yes, one simple click can change your destiny.


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