“Old age is when you resent the swimsuit issue of Sports Illustrated because there are fewer articles to read.” – George Burns

It’s beginning to look a lot  like summer! After a very long, extended winter in the Pacific NW, this former California Beach Bunny is jumping for joy. 

With Memorial Day Weekend here, that means hitting the beach and hopefully, frolicking in the water. It also means the official kick off of SUMMER! YAY!

Don’t worry, as I’ve gotcha covered with some of the best swimwear finds from Amazon. When it comes to a wide range of affordable swimwear for summer, Amazon has an amazing selection. 

It’s ironic that the older I’ve become, the more comfortable I am in my own skin. My 60 plus year old body has definitely been around the block with plenty of war wounds to show for it. Multiple major surgeries mean loads of scars, including a prominent one on my belly from a series of abdominal surgeries.

And the surgeries were child’s play compared to photo shoots in the 47 degree water of the Puget Sound.. Yikes! 

That hasn’t stopped the kid at heart in me from baring it all in an itsy bitsy teeny weeny bikini. This one’s not yellow polka dotted but red, white & blue and oh so perfect to kick off the Memorial weekend festivities. I’ve chosen a couple of favorites for my Amazon Shop. The best way to test out the suits is to be as active as possible and see how they hold up. Each of these bikinis, one a string bikini and one a more traditional bikini, held up beautifully when it comes to wearability. The string bikini can be found here. If you’re comfortable wearing a teeny bikini, this one is super fun to celebrate a patriotic holiday or to wear throughout the summer. I love the fringe detail on the top. Of course, it comes with a strap if you need a little more support on the top. I’m wearing a size Small. I found that it fits pretty true to size.

The second bikini gives you ample coverage on top and bottom. The top is a halter style that’s super flattering, whether you’re small busted like me or have a bit more fullness on top. What I love about the bottom is that it covers everything. It’s full coverage and the fabric is well made with just the right amount of support. As we get older, it can be really important to add more coverage on the tush and to have material that supports. You can find this bikini here in my Amazon Shop. And, please sign up for my newsletter as I’ll be giving you a heads up on special drops from Amazon. The Drop offers some of the most stylish and affordable styles, many of which sell out quickly after they go live. I have to admit that over the last year and a half, I’ve become a huge fan of Amazon Fashion. They have just about everything you’ll ever need. You’ll also get my free ebook “My 7 Powerful Tips for Finding Your Confidence at Midlife.”

Truth be told, I’ll continue wearing patriotic colors much of the summer as there’s something so fun about the color combination along with the Stars and Stripes. Red, white & blue is always in style. 

If you’re looking for a bit more of a traditional two piece that covers much of the tummy, I do love this blue and white one from Amazon by Cupshe. Surprisingly well made for the $30 price point, I adore the ruffle detail along the top that’s super flattering whether you’re more tiny chested like me or a more full figured curvier shape. 

I’m a big believer that women should wear what makes them feel beautiful. Although my body is far from my more perfect scar and wrinkle free 20 year old self, I’ll continue to wear bikinis on the beach until the Bikini Police come and lock me up. Hehe! I dare ya!

I highly recommend remembering to slip on that “InFit” before slipping into anything for the beach. It always helps to have an extra dose of confidence for summer swimwear! How do you do that? I’ve written about the InFit many times. In a nutshell, it’s telling yourself how amazing and beautiful you are so that your insides match your outsides. I love to use a mirror like Louise Hay taught. I look into the mirror and directly into my eyes (yes, your eyes are the window to your soul!) and tell myself all kinds of beautiful things about myself. This technique is truly a life saver. I know as it’s one of the main techniques I used to save my life from Lyme Disease.

Seriously, sisters, Amazon is “wear” it’s at when it comes to Summer Fun & Summer Swimwear. They have the cutest swimsuits – bikinis to tankinis to full on one pieces along with cover ups, beach bags and, of course, sun screen too! And did I mention AFFORDABLE!

I find most everything I need these days on Amazon. No money spent on rising gas prices as your fingers simply do the walking – or the clicking. Light on gas and on your pocketbook! I’m always on the lookout for deals and steals, so be sure to sign up for my newsletter to be first in line for new Amazon Drops & discounted deals. 

Cheers Beauties & Happy Summer!



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I’m telling you, the more I wear swimsuits, the more I love the idea of two pieces!! So much easier for so many reasons!!


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