White Memorial Day Facebook Post

“May we never forget our fallen comrades. Freedom isn't free."

Memorial Day.

A holiday.

A day off.

The beginning of summer.

But so much more than that.

I’ve always loved language – understanding how words were formed – how meaning takes root.

“Memorial” is the adjectival form of the word memory. To “memorialize” something is to keep it in your memory.

The origin of the word can be traced back to the Anglo-Norman word – “memoire” – which derives from the Latin word, “memoria” – which also means “record” or “method of remembrance.”

The root of the word Memorial or memory comes from “memor” which basically translates into “mindful.”

Memorial Day is a federal holiday that honors and mourns American military personnel who died while performing their duties in service to the United States Armed Forces.

It is also a day to be mindful, to remember, to hold dear in our minds and in our hearts, our precious military members who have given their lives so that we can be free in the Land of Liberty.

This past week was a brutal one. Our hearts are heavy.

So much loss.

So much to remember.

To memorialize.

To be mindful of – to keep in our minds and in our hearts, the beautiful souls who have lost their lives.

My Father was a Marine. He didn’t lose his life during his military service.

I remember his Marine uniform hanging in his closet. Front and center.

He never spoke of his time in the military.

He was proud to have served.

He was one of the lucky ones.

Today, we honor those who weren’t as fortunate. Our brave soldiers who lost their lives protecting our freedom – protecting our lives and our country.

Today, may our minds be mindful of our courageous military members who are no longer here and may our hearts go out to all who were left behind – family members who grieve the loss of their loved ones.

And, may we as a country and as a world remember – “memorialize” – the importance of peace – and of a nation united as one.

May we remember so we don’t forget.

God Bless America.

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