The Twins
The Twins

If you want to make things happen, June is the month for you!

Gemini is the Sun Sign and Laura Bruno is back with the latest North Node Horoscope updates. You’ll want to pay careful attention to harness the power of the cosmos if you’re looking to manifest or attract something into your life. Remember, your Sun Sign is not necessarily your North Node Sign! Be sure to use Laura’s simple calculator to find yours.

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The years at Midlife & Beyond are some of the most powerful years of a woman’s life. Your North Node is calling you to your soul’s purpose. The time is NOW.

All that juicy and potent life wisdom cultivated from your insights around your life experience is exactly what your soul calls forth for you to bring your true purpose to fruition.

We are going through trying times on this challenging earth plane. The latest heartbreaking events in Uvalde with young, innocent children losing their lives along with the mass shooting in a grocery store in Brooklyn centered around racism and hatred are tugging on our heart strings.

Many of the foremost energy healers and teachers warn us of experiencing “compassion fatigue.” As an empath, I know the signs well. Exhaustion, sadness, inertia, anxiety, burnout and feelings of dread tend to let us know that our hearts and our psyche need rest and restoration. That is true now more than ever. With a senseless and deadly war raging in the UKRAINE and the ongoing mass shootings in our own country, it can feel as if we are at war inside of ourselves.

Darkness and light are part of life. We cannot have one without the other. We must always remember that we cannot control the darkness but we can control our own light.

Compassion fatigue is real. It is also a sign or a cry for some very necessary self love. Tend to your tender heart during these painful times. Do whatever you must do to feel the feelings and then to allow them to pass through you. Write it out. Scream it out. Talk it out. Punch it out (a punching bag or a pillow can work wonders.) When negative emotions build up inside of us, compassion fatigue can take over. Rather than being a temporary reset and time for restoration, it can lead to ongoing sadness and even depression.

The good news and yes there is GOOD News is that the month ahead contains a powerful Summer Solstice on June 21st when the sun enters Cancer. This is one of the most important days of the entire year. This is a time of potential big shifts and you hold the keys to the kingdom.

Be sure to read Laura’s North Node Update and utilize the powerful energies leading to the Summer Solstice to make things happen for you. And I highly recommend a personal reading with Laura! She helped change my life.

The month of May lit a fire inside of you. The month of June is to use the fire of transformation to make massive shifts in your life.

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