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Forever Fierce is an all video talk show hosted by Catherine Grace O’Connell. She is joined each week by a diverse series of guest co-hosts of all ages and genders to keep the show fresh … and Fierce. This show is the definitive talk show/podcast to fiercely empower women of all ages through the lens of Midlife. The message is that women can be raw, real, and vulnerable while also being strong, wise, and compassionate. Featured guests range from bestselling authors, creators, entertainers, health & wellness experts to world changers, business and financial leaders, entrepreneurs, celebrities, and moms!

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Magda Brown – A Holocaust Survivor’s Story

What would it have been like to survive the Holocaust as a teenager and how would that affect the course of your life? Today’s show is a rare opportunity to hear from Magda Brown, a 91-year-old survivor and passionate speaker, who is one of the few remaining survivors of the Holocaust. Magda is on fire … Continue Reading


It’s not every day that you have the opportunity to connect with a true Meditation Master. Join us on today’s show with Davidji, an inspiring and deeply spiritual man who apprenticed under Deepak Chopra and lead the Chopra Center Meditations for over 10 years. If you’ve been curious about meditation or want to know how … Continue Reading

Allison Keating

Allison Keating is a renowned psychologist and the author of “The Secret Lives of Adults: Your Seven Key Relationships.” She’s a relationships expert, beginning with the most important relationship, the one we have with ourselves. Tune into today’s show along with my co-host, Michael Castagna (who channels Billy Joel), to learn: The difference between your … Continue Reading

FFR#35 – Cat Coluccio – Sophie Davies

What’s it really like to experience FierceCon? It’s a can’t miss show with the Fierce & Fabulous Cat Coluccio and Sophie Davies, two of the most engaged Fierce sisters from around the globe. Learn what inspired Cat to join the FierceCon celebration and to take a risk both emotionally and financially? Today’s show is filled … Continue Reading

FFR#34 – Jeff Brown

Why would a former criminal lawyer leave that world behind and begin to pursue a path of grounded spirituality and “Soulshaping?” Join me and my Co-host, Michael Castagna, to learn the powerful awakeneing story of Jeff Brown, Author of 5 popular books, including Soulshaping: A Journey of Self-Creation along with his latest book, “Grounded Spirituality” … Continue Reading

FFR#33 – Kim O’Hara

Are you looking to find your voice or begin sharing that story that’s in your heart? Today’s guest, Kim O’Hara, an Intuitive Book Coach will inspire you to begin writing that story. Kim shares her powerful and vulnerable story of awakening at Midlife. Kim’s memoir, Kicking Abuse In The Ass (A Brutally Honest Memoir), from … Continue Reading

FF#32 – Cheryl Richardson

My guest is the amazing Cheryl Richardson, New York Times Bestselling Author who’s latest book, “Waking Up In Winter,” is an inspiring and empowering heroine’s journey through Midlife. I have followed Cheryl for over 20 years and this is truly a dream come true to interview this centered and powerful woman! On today’s show, you’ll … Continue Reading

FFR#31 – Tracy Chadwell

Did you know that 50 percent of companies are founded by women but only 2 percent receive funding from Venture Capital? My guest today, Tracy Chadwell, Founder of 1843 Capital has 19 years of experience in the world of Venture Capital and private equity. Her philosphy is refreshing. Tracy and her team will only invest … Continue Reading

FFR#29 – Jaclyn Jones

If you’re looking for fierce inspiration to reinvent yourself, you’ll want to watch today’s show featuring Jaclyn Jones, Founder of Jaclyn Jones USA. While in her mid-20’s, Jaclyn realized the path she was on wasn’t the one in her heart. She returned to school to study fashion design and began a new journey to reinvent … Continue Reading

FFR#27 – Jinny Ditzler

Are there dreams you are looking to achieve but you don’t know how? Join today’s guest, Jinny Ditzler, Founder of Your Best Year Yet. Jinny has created a simple system based on 10 questions to help you create your goals and make them a reality. She’s been at it for over 3 decades guiding thousands … Continue Reading

FFR#26 – Dr Frank Lipman

Dr. Lipman is a widely recognized trailblazer and leader in functional and integrative medicine, and he is a New York Times best-selling author and his latest book, “How To Be Well: The 6 Keys to a Happy and Healthy Life,” is also his personal favorite. The philosophy Dr. Lipman shares is a holistic one, incorporating … Continue Reading

FFR#25 – Jerrry Rosenblum – Katie Miller

What would it be like to have lived for almost an entire century? At 96 plus years young, Jerry Rosenblum has a lifetime of secrets to share – secrets of staying vibrant, alive, and filled with gratitude. Having lived through the loss of his Father at a young age followed by the depression, Jerry has … Continue Reading

FFR#24 – Philip Foster

“I could hear it in your voice.” How many times have we said or heard that phrase? And for good reason! Our voices are the resonance of our personality and much of what we’ve experienced in our lives is present there. Philip Foster is a Voice Coach with a background and triumph through personal trauma, … Continue Reading

FFR#23 – Arash Jacob

What would it be like to have the gift of intution and insight to the point that the world of the “unseen” becomes more real than what we can see? Today’s show is unlike anything you have ever seen before. I’m honored to introduce Arash Jacob to you. Arash is a physician turned healer but … Continue Reading

FFR#22 Amy Scher

What would it like to be diagnosed with an incurable illness, travel across the world in search of an experimental procedure to save your life and find out, that, in the end…the answers were inside of you all along. Amy is a fellow Lyme Disease warrior and survivor and shares her quest to not only … Continue Reading

FF#21 Jen Dulski

It was such a privilege to meet and talk with Jennifer Dulski, Head of Groups and Community at Facebook. This Fierce leader blazed a path through Silicon Valley with both skill and compassion, from Yahoo to president of Change.org, to Facebook. Jen joins me to talk about her career, her mission, and to introduce her … Continue Reading

FF#20 – Loreen Arbus – Christina Fields

What happens when you bring together two powerful women who are the epitome of FIERCE Reinvention, redefining what it means to be an empowered woman while giving back and serving disadvantaged youth and those marginalized by traditional cultural standards? Tune into the show to hear 73 years young, Corinna Fields, President of SHARE Inc. and … Continue Reading

FF19 – Nanine McCool

What would it be like to be the woman who stood up to Tony Robbins? This is an exclusive and powerful interview with Nanine McCool, a 55 year old woman who challenged Tony Robbins and his views of the #MeToo movement in the midst of an Unleash the Power Within event in March of this … Continue Reading

FF#17 – KC Baker

Are you a woman with an untold story and a desire to have your voice heard? Today’s show featuring K.C. Baker, the Founder of The Woman Speak Foundation, is dedicated to unleashing the brilliance of women’s voices worldwide. This show kicks off a monthlong series centered upon helping women to find their voice. Introducing Sandra … Continue Reading

FF18 – Valerie McCaffrey

What would it be like to be a female Casting Director in Hollywood in the midst of The #metoo and #TimesUp Movements? If you’re Valerie McCaffey, you’re a step ahead as you are already in the process of a Fierce Reinvention. Having cast over 80 films, including Edward Norton, Ellen Page and James Cromwell, Valerie … Continue Reading

FF16 – Jacqueline DePaul

What would it feel like to walk Paris Fashion Week at the age of 48? Don’t miss today’s show with my Cohost, Jacqueline DePaul, Founder of Yellow Brick Runway. In typical Jacqueline style, this interview is raw, real and vulnerable as she opens her heart to share those “old stories” of Self sabotage that tend … Continue Reading

FF 15 – Hilary Lentini

Hilary Lentini is known as a “Woman of Influence,” by LA Confidential. Launching her own business in the male dominated tech world over two decades ago, Hilary was an early adopter. If you’re looking for a role model to help you fiercely reinvent yourself while overcoming any fear or apprehension of technology, you don’t want … Continue Reading

FF14 – Danny De Lillo

What would it be like to be a man in Hollywood in the midst of the #metoo and Times Up Movements? If you’re Danny De Lillo, Chairman of NewFilmmakers LA, known for taking a stand for women in film, you take action▪️ Join this week’s video podcast with Danny and my cohost, Director/Producer, Ilyssa Goodman … Continue Reading

FF13 – Alexandra Paul

If you had the chance to ask a former Baywatch Babe the secrets to FIERCE Reinvention, what would you want to know? Don’t miss today’s show featuring the Fierce and Fabulous, Alexandra Paul, Baywatch beauty, who starred on the popular TV series for 5 seasons. Alexandra is an actress with over 100 movie and television … Continue Reading

FF12 – CatherineGraceO – Dr. Carol Parker Walsh

Join me and my cohost,Dr. Carol Parker Walsh as we hit the road on our very first roadshow LIVE at the San Francisco headquarters of Madison Reed. Having just finished our show with resident Badass, Amy Errett, CEO of Madison Reed, Carol and I share the secrets of fierce reinvention while helping women at Midlife … Continue Reading

FF11 – Tricia Cusden, Look Fabulous Forever

Are you a woman at Midlife and beyond searching for inspirational role models? Today’s show featuring, Tricia Cusden, the Founder of Look Fabulous Forever, is lighting the world on fire and inspiring women to rewire rather than retire. Launching her cosmetics line for older women at 65 was the beginning of a new path for … Continue Reading

FF10 – Amy Errett, CEO Madison Reed

What would it be like to take on a multibillion dollar industry and completely disrupt it and turn it upside down? If you’re Amy Errett, CEO of Madison Reed, you don’t think twice, you just do it. On today’s show, Amy shares the inspiration behind the launch of Madison Reed, a company with a conscience, … Continue Reading

FF9 – Annie Spano

Welcome Annie Spano, The Founder of The Style Collective and a leader inspiring women to be their own #BossBabe. Annie turned an experience of being bullied in the workplace into a powerful collective and sisterhood. She shares what she has learned to help women monetize their writing and blogging business with real-world business skills. With … Continue Reading

FF8 – Jacqueline DePaul

Who says Midlife means the end? Jacqueline DePaul is here to show you that it’s not only the end but a new beginning. She is the epitome of Fierce Reinvention. At the age of 38, Jacqueline took an unusual path as a model. Keeping her day job as an engineer allowed her to channel her … Continue Reading

FF7 – Ilyssa Goodman & CGO

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a female Director/Producer in Hollywood? Join me and my cohost, Ilyssa Goodman, known for producing the popular Cinderella Story blockbusters. It’s your chance to hear from an empowered woman who has experience with decades behind the scenes in the movie industry. Covering everything from the #metoo … Continue Reading

FF6 – Ilyssa Goodman, Producer/Director

How often do you get to hear from a Hollywood Insider, a Producer and Director who is also a woman? Today’s show with the empowered and vocal, Ilyssa Goodman, is one you won’t want to miss. Ilyssa offers a unique perspective as a FIERCE Midife woman with decades of experience in the industry. Ilyssa will … Continue Reading

FF5 – Ryan Lauderdale – Nike Master Trainer

Nike Master Trainer Ryan Lauderdale visits with cohost, Dr. Carol Parker Walsh of EvolvingYourImage.com. Ryan will help you to see fitness in an entirely, fierce new way. Fierce reinvention, according to Ryan begins with loving and believing in yourself. His 3 pillars, Develop, Evolve and Thrive will inspire you to look at life and health … Continue Reading

FF4 – CGO and DR. Carol Parker Walsh

A Fierce conversation with my cohost, Dr. Carol Parker Walsh, the Founder of EvolvingYourImage.com and a powerful role model for women, as we show you the keys to FIERCE Reinvention at any age. Carol openly shares her story with beautiful courage, dignity, and vulnerability. You will empower yourself with a fresh perspective on what it … Continue Reading

FF3 – Julie Diamond – Fit At Any Age!

Join today’s show with celebrity trainer, Julie Diamond and Co-Host David Harry Stewart to inspire you in your quest for health and wellness. At 53, Julie is a powerful role model for women of all ages through her inner strength and vulnerability. You can find her on JulieDiamondFitness.com.

FF2 – David Harry Stewart

David Harry Stewart is one of the Founders of Agei.st and is a role model as an Age Disruptor, with his work to place a new and vibrant frame around aging. David is a professional photographer, having worked with some of the top icons of our time and carries his gift of capturing the essence … Continue Reading

FF1 – Leona West

Leona West is a certified Nutritionist and Herbalist who has maintained a successful functional medicine nutrition practice for over a decade. She has also been a natural health educator and public speaker on health, food and nutrition for over 20 years Leona takes a food as medicine, whole body, and whole mind approach to health, … Continue Reading

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