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“Buy less. Choose well. Make it last.” – Vivienne Westwood

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a fashion post- actually any post at all other than for pure inspiration and upliftment during our time in this modern quarantine.  As we began our global time out, I also placed a time out on any and all sponsored posts along with fashion posts. From what I was sensing, my Fierce sisters and my community were looking for inspiration while they were finding their way to a new normal.

It seems as if our world was turned upside down overnight. Our time in isolation has forced us  to slow down. Slowing down is good for the soul. It’s also good for Mother Nature. Perhaps, this beautiful universe has sent us a message – that it’s time for us to slow down – to stop and smell the roses. Perhaps, we will learn to live life a bit differently going forward – to get off that crazy treadmill so that we can be more present and enjoy our lives more fully.

I have to admit that I miss getting dressed up. This time out has made me realize how much fashion is a part of me. Today, there’s fast fashion and there’s slow fashion. Welcome to Nicole Frank, The Wardrobe Evolution, and the world of slow fashion – fashion that’s meant to last, fashion that’s sustainable and interchangeable – fashion that’s fluid and flexible, designed for years or even decades to come. 

As times have changed and we have evolved, there are fashion designers who are on the front lines of fashion evolution – more like a fashion revolution! Nicole Frank is the innovative designer behind her, “Wardrobe Evolution,” revolutionary designs that are able to shift and change along with us. 

When I discovered Nicole’s line, I knew I had stumbled upon an entirely new world in the fashion arena. Fast fashion changed the dynamics of the fashion world and not necessarily in a positive direction. Fast fashion meant the opposite of sustainability. It meant sacrificing quality for quantity. 

Fortunately, Nicole Frank and her brilliant Wardrobe Evolution offer us a refreshing and innovative alternative. Nicole has taken traditional fabrics like plaids and tweeds and combined them with the latest technology including 4 way stretch; designs that allow  the Modern Midlife woman to easily transition from the boardroom to the boardwalk or from morning to moonlight. 

I’ve been collecting Nicole’s designs and interchangeable options for some time. This tweed short set allows for multiple wardrobe changes. With a simple flick of a zipper, the sleeves can easily be changed. The jacket can be worn with or without the sleeves. There are multiple sleeve options. My absolute favorite interchangeable sleeve is this vintage inspired pale blue eyelet design. There’s also a matching eyelet collar that can be added to the jacket. The sleeves are interchangeable with most jackets on Nicole’s line. That’s the best part! The options are endless. As I mentioned in last week’s post, Nicole Frank is like the “Tinker Toys” of the Fashion world. Who doesn’t like tinkering with fashion? 

This tweed short set comes in a beautiful shade of pale pink as well as the blue tones. I’ve worn the jacket with or without a belt. The addition of a belt from your wardrobe is a really easy way to shift the look. You can wear it open with a simple camisole. There are endless options. This jacket pairs easily with the Alexis pant in black or blue denim. You can also wear it with the Maddie Coin Pant featured in last weeks post. The most ingenious part is being able to toss any of Nicole’s pieces in the washing machine saving both time and money along with the environment. Now that’s the essence of revolutionary designs – sustainability without sacrificing style. 

Jumpsuits have made a huge comeback over the past few years. They’ve become a classic that will live on in your wardrobe. This blue denim Esther Jumpsuit caught my eye on Nicole’s Instagram. It’s unique with the 4-way stretch makes it super figure flattering along with the gorgeous rainbow stripe along the sides that will elongate any body type. The sleeves easily zip off, allowing you multiple options from short sleeve to changing up the sleeve to change up the look. Nicole created the “Pouchette” – an option available on many of her designs allowing you to add a beautiful pouch in everything from simple denim to silver and gold leather. It’s not only beautiful but practical – the perfect place to slip in an iPhone that’s easily disguised.

For this look, I chose the silver metallic pouchette. I added a belt from my own collection. Nicole has a few fabulous belts to choose from on her website. And, of course, you have a multitude of sleeve options. Once again, this jumpsuit can go right in the wash with your favorite jeans. I’ve washed many of her designs over and over again and they look as good as new! 

When it comes to travel, there’s nothing like Nicole Frank. Take along a jumpsuit, a jacket, a pant along with several interchangeable options and you have an entire weeks wardrobe ready and waiting. Of course, you don’t want to forget the shoe straps, an affordable stand out in her line, covered in glittering sequins with hearts or inspirational words to brighten anyone’s spirits. I’ve “tinkered” with the shoe straps on everything from adding them to a sleeve, to a pant bottom to transform it into a jogger. The possibilities and the fun are endless. 

This time in isolation has made me realize what’s important. It’s made me appreciate the simple things in life. Slowing down feels so good. Slow fashion is part of slowing down. Slow fashion that’s sustainable is the fashion of the future. It’s about quality over quantity. I believe in supporting small business, women owned brands like Nicole Frank – innovative, sustainable brands with a heart and soul.

Cheers Beauties, I just love a revolution. Don’t you? Be sure to check out Nicole Frank and let me know your favorite pieces. Isn’t it time to start your own timeless collection and begin tinkering with CGO? 

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